Friday, January 4, 2008

Red Lion Reports Welcomes Prof. Joshua Fershee

Red Lion Reports is delighted to welcome contributions from an old friend, Professor Joshua Fershee of the University of North Dakota School of Law. Last year, Prof. Fershee and his wife, Prof. Kendra Fershee, were Visiting Assistant Professors at PSULaw with offices down the hall. Now, they're digging North Dakota. (Josh's NDULaw photo didn't render well so I thought I'd post this useful guide to locating North Dakota).

Josh is a rising star among legal academics who study energy policy. Last November, he moderated a panel on a national renewable portfolio standard at the Energy Bar Association's Mid-Year Meeting in Washington, D.C. He's recently published an article critiquing regulation of the U.S. energy infrastructure in the Harvard Journal on Legislation. He's a 2003 graduate of Tulane Law School and practiced law in New York City (Davis Polk & Wardwell) and D.C. (Hogan & Hartson).

Josh, what's the deal with biodiesel?


Alison M. Kilmartin said...

Welcome, Professor Fershee. I'm sorry not to have interacted with you during your time at Penn State, but my good friend Ted Walter spoke very highly of both you and the other Prof. Fershee. I look forward to reading your contributions to RLR. Happy New Year.

Alison M. Kilmartin said...

By the way, here's a starter question for you: Which presidential candidate(s), on either side of the aisle, has the most promising energy policy with which to lead our nation over the next four years?

I would be curious to read your analysis of the candidates' energy policies.

Josh Fershee said...

Thanks, Alison -- I am sorry I missed you, as well. I've heard nothing but glowing comments about both you and Kelly.

That is a great idea for my next post. I will be happy to share some views of the candidates' energy policies. Although I don't think energy policy will win anyone the election, I do think it could help a few lose it. In fact, I think it already has. More on that later.