Friday, February 8, 2008

"White Out" for Real

Josh Fershee just told me that his part of North Dakota is bracing for a ground blizzard tonight and Saturday. The Bismark Tribune reports that "[v]ery gusty winds are expected to push frigid air into the region, dropping temperatures well below zero. While there should be little or no new snowfall, the winds will blow any loose powder into the air." Wind chill is expected to hover around 30 to 50 below with temperature resting around minus 7 and dropping to 20 below.

Stay safe and warm, Josh.

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Josh Fershee said...

Thanks, Marie. We are planning a long evening with friends before the real cold kicks in. This part of ND is especially cold.

The Grand Forks Herald warns, "Wind chills will plunge to near 40 below zero overnight and all through the day Saturday, forecasters said. Air temperatures are expected to be as low as 15 below Saturday morning and as low as 30 below Sunday morning. Temperatures aren't expected to creep above zero until Monday."

We're looking forward to the Monday "warm up."