Saturday, March 28, 2009

Junk not joke email

I knew it even before I opened the email - the telltale signs were all over the subject line .... "Between us".... Now I've won the Irish sweepstakes more times than I can count, been invited to share in the plundered oil wealth of a nation (which one? the emails never say), secret accounts of deceased dictators can be mine, steal the inheritance of those bearing my name, yes, I've seen it all. I especially appreciated the offers that cynically pose as dying religious folk begging to donate huge sums for charity - sure, there's a sucker born every minute, these say - steal from a dying woman, go ahead, you deserve it. They all go into the delete box with a chuckle.

But this one goes too far:
"Between us.... I am an investigative consultant with Holocaust Victims Assets Litigation (Swiss Banks). Between July 1997- July 2008, the Swiss Banker's Association published a list of dormant accounts originally opened by non-Swiss citizens. These accounts had been dormant since the end of World War II (May 9,1945). The continuing efforts of the Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) have since resulted in the discovery of various accounts. The published lists contain all types of dormant accounts, including interest-bearing savings accounts,securities accounts,safe deposit boxes,custody accounts, and non-interest-bearing transaction accounts.Numbered accounts are also included. Interest is paid on accounts that were interest bearing when established.The Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT)handles processing of all claims on accounts due non-Swiss citizens. A dormant account of Aronson Rudolf, with a credit balance of 25,000,000 US dollar plus accumulated interest was discovered by me. The beneficiary left no WILL and no possible records for trace of heirs.As a top executive officer, I have all secret details and necessary contacts for claim of the funds without any hitch. Please verify using this website: All that is required from you is to indicate your interest to receive the funds into your norminated Bank account. Please Reach Me Through This email: Thanks Paul Warren"

Not funny. Indecent, in fact.

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David Hutchinson said...

This lie at least has the virtue that the duped be the sort of people willing to take blood money. They say a fool and his money are soon parted (though this axiom caused Steven Wright to ask how the two got together in the first place; Wright, and it is worth the time to excavate him via youtube, asked other interesting questions too, such as, "Why did kamikazes wear helmets?"). So too, if this scam is at all successful, is a fool who is also a bad person.

I share your contempt for the folks who put this scam together. They are not doing the bad thing they claim to be doing (though one gets the feeling that is not because ethical considerations would stop them), but it's bad business just the same.