Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It Smells Like Stress

Perhaps I am imagining it, but upon entering the Law School this morning, there was a distinct smell that I can only attribute to one thing: stress. The smell was nothing too obvious, but coupled with the stillness in the building, it brought to mind my own final exam periods, which are – thankfully - over. Today is the first day of final exams for the fall semester, and the first exam for our 1Ls is torts. I can think of few exams more daunting than first-year torts. Even the bar exam didn’t compare, at least for me.

As the students march forward through these examinations, I encourage them to remember to take care of themselves. Good sleep, proper nutrition, and sticking to a schedule will all aid in the actual exam-taking itself. These next ten days will be over soon, and the festivities of the holidays will be fast upon all of us. For now, I wish all exam-takers peace in their studies, energy for the work ahead of them, and vision for their futures. There is a point to all of this madness, and diligence during these next few days will pay dividends down the road.

Good luck, everyone!

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