Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hardball in the Preparation Market

It's a cage match. Behemoth Barbri and wiry newcomer Themis are mano a mano in the market for Pennsylvania bar review courses. Earlier this week, I saw an e-mail from a Themis rep calling out Barbri's rep for talking trash. I do love competition.

The price for the Themis course is $1395. Would you like New Jersey with that? Themis will throw in New Jersey prep for $100. You may want to add a state essay review for $795 for a total cost of $2280. Compare Barbri's price at $2850. It took some clicking around to even find the price on BarBri's site.

I confess I'm not over my own bar exam prep experience. I resented Barbri's monopoly. Even more, I was horrified by my own perfectly inelastic demand for its product.


Marie T. Reilly said...


David Hutchinson said...

I liked the BarBri folks and their program. But in this area as everywhere else, competent competition will bring the price down significantly. Here's hoping Themis does well.

But here's something to think about. Comparable law schools are not thin on the ground, and yet their costs are very high, and meaningfully uniform in the main. Is the price of a legal education at all related to the cost of providing it, or is the price (which strides heroically upward, and only upward) set cartel-like, with variations here and there for perceived quality, with the original figure simply a fractional estimate of what a law degree would be worth in the market to the graduate?