Friday, August 28, 2015

Debtor Can't Explain Millions in Missing Protein Powder

Ultimate Nutrition, maker of Pro Star Ultimate Whey Powder, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last December in Hartford, Connecticut.  The debtor is in a headlock with TD Bank NA over a  $13 million loan.  Millions of dollars worth of powdered protein shake supplement ingredients are missing from Ultimate's warehouse and TD Bank is trying to find out what happened.  

TD has asked the bankruptcy court for an investigation into the whereabouts of the missing inventory.  Brian Rubino, Ultimate's CEO, says he destroyed the missing powder, about 40% of the company's inventory worth about $3.8, because it was "unsaleable."   Perhaps the powder was never really in stock, but Ultimate reported it to pump up its inventory.  Or, the powder is out there somewhere still subject to TD's lien.  The possibility that really scares me is that Rubino dumped the mountain of "unsaleable" powder into the Hog River that runs underneath the City of Hartford.

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