Friday, September 7, 2007

Latin Undead

On Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh asks whether there are certain Latin phrases law students should know: "things like e.g., i.e., viz., prima facie, sui generis, inter alia, in camera, et al., and such -- common phrases that arise in many areas of the law, yet ones that many incoming law students may not know, and that they won't learn in any of their other classes." Jim Chen answers the question on MoneyLaw. As for me, well, I'd be grateful if lawyers' fixation on Latin phrases would finally die. My real purpose here is to tip you to these two highly readable blogs (I'm an occasional contributor on MoneyLaw). Check out Prof. Volokh's post. Last time I looked there were 161 comments.


Jim Chen said...

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the link back. I happily claim the distinction of being the first person to comment on your blog.

Best wishes,

Law and the Lamb said...

I would add sua sponte and per curiam to the list as well :P