Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Traditions

On TaxProf, Paul Caron posted a YouTube video of the University of Virginia Law Libel Show, a show put on by the UVA law students mocking law, law school, professors, etc...

My wife, Jessica, took part in a similar event at the University of Chicago Law School when she performed in the law school musical. During her second year, they did a show spoofing Trading Places where the dean of the law school and a 1L switched places. It was extremely well done and very funny. It also provided the students a release from the stress of law school. Jessica's involvement in those productions created some of her fondest memories of law school.

Thinking about these events reminded me that part of the reason that I came to Penn State was the chance to be a part of something new (without the usual problems that a new law school has such as name recognition and money). I wanted the opportunity to create new programs and traditions that would shape the future of the law school.

I hope our students (especially those up in UP) realize that they have similar opportunities. The annual events and organizations that they create could become part of the law school environment for years. I hope that they will grab that opportunity and create their own traditions before they graduate. I know that it will hold significant meaning for them when they come back in 5, 10, 25 years and see that the events, groups and traditions that they started are still going strong after many years.

I also know that if the students start a musical tradition here (and I hope they will), they won't make fun of tax the way that the UVA students did since there is nothing funny about tax.

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Joshua said...

Tax can be funny, it's all about context . . .