Friday, November 30, 2007

Rising to Fall to the Bottom of the List

Paul Caron on TaxProf published a list of law schools ranked lower than their respective universities. PSULaw is 5th from the top of law schools in order of the size of the positive difference between university ranking and law school ranking. Edging out PSULaw are Tulsa, Datyon, Syracuse and Michigan State. PSULaw's collective goal is to plummet through the bottom of this list and then to rise on Caron's other list of law schools with a negative difference between university and law school ranking. So let's get going.


Jim Chen said...

Hi Marie. The author of the university/law school rankings lists is Paul Caron, not Brian Leiter.

Marie T. Reilly said...

Another unforgivable mistake for which I beg forgiveness. And thanks Jim.