Friday, April 11, 2008

Blame the BlackBerry

BlackBerries, the phones that celebrate the evolutionary breakthrough of the opposable thumb, may be at the root of lawyers' woes.

A law firm in suburban NYC has decided that BlackBerries are no longer welcome in firm meetings, Newsday reports. Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone in Mineola expects its attorneys to respond to clients as soon as possible. But don't bring your BlackBerry to law firm meetings. The firm made its meetings BerryFree Zones because the constant BerryBuzz at meetings was interfering with lawyers' focus. The co-head of the firm's corporate group notes that you're not fooling anyone by thumbing under the table (he ought to know).

Lawyers' bonds with their Berries (BerryBonds?) is a factor in lawyers' dissatisfaction with work/life balance, according to a recent survey conducted by the New York Bar Association. A committee of lawyers talked to peers around the state about a variety of work/life balance issues. In a section on technology issues, BlackBerry gets mentioned by name as a source of stress and imbalance. The report also notes that lawyers understand who is BlackBerry Boss. Achieving a balanced life is up to you. Nobody else is going to care.

RedLion prefers the Motorola Q.

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Alison M. Kilmartin said...

I have wanted a Blackberry ever since they hit the scene. I said to my husband, "I can't wait until I am important enough to justify the expense of a Blackberry!" I was so jealous when my 60 year old father got one and I, his hip young daughter, was still Blackberry-less.

Now, I find that maybe I should have been glad all this time that I was free of the techno-chains of a Blackberry. But alas, I soon hope to enter the world of corporate law and I hear that Blackberries pretty much go hand-in-hand with big law (or any law for that matter).

Wish me luck in my quest for balance, and I haven't even gotten one yet!