Monday, August 18, 2008

The Beach is Behind Beam

Sand volleyball behind Beam at 2p.m. tomorrow. The game is on, rain or shine. Thanks to Modi Susham.

(Why is it so hard to find a non-lewd photo of beach volleyball?)


Anonymous said...

In re: lewd photos question:

Because, I think, ours is a beneficent God.

If you want an economic explanation, perhaps it is because film (or digital space) costs money and taking pictures takes time.

I find the corpus of female volleyball player photographs tasteful. Of course, I believe meatloaf to be high cuisine.

Marie T. Reilly said...

On reflection, I regret the choice of the word. When searching for an image for this post, I encountered a disconcertingly high percentage of disembodied derrierres. On reflection, I've come to this:

De gustibus non est disputandum.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. It is wise to adopt such a maxim, which is not true or untrue but which betrays the humility of the possible. More than one monstrous social experiment of the 20th century could have been avoided if accdeptance of that maxim had replaced theories of the universal man.

Wise societies set legal parameters within which folks are free to associate or not; and to agree or not.

But I suspect we are not as far apart in matters of taste than it perhaps seems by your failure to appreciate "disembodied derrierres" (which seem to me a great trick and top seller if such an advance could be pulled off). While I do regard meatloaf as high cuisine, I failed to include the critical proviso that it be meatloaf done right.