Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vive La Difference

Is She a He? Athlete Forced to Take Gender Test - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News -

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Here is an interesting story from the world of sport, where apparently one is free to suppose men and women differ in certain respects without being sued.

They say the complex gender test will take a few weeks to come back. This means they are doing something more sophisticated than looking to eyeball a full set of tackle, and also that they have to.

The story makes relatively clear that this woman, and the wider world that knows her, could believe in good faith that she is a woman. That is why the complex test is required. Here is a question (and I am seriously asking): If she appears, in terms of sexual organs (and I'm guessing this is the case), to be a woman, but is in some other respect a man, can she be a man completely? And if not, what would be her scientific designation? And if forced to compete as a man, would she be disadvantaged, at the very highest levels of competition, to the extent some quantum of her is female?


David Hutchinson said...

Update: The results of the gender test are in. And they are ambiguous. Read about it here:,2933,549021,00.html??test=faces

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