Monday, September 7, 2009

Mac N Cheese Seeks Chocolate Egg

Reading the financial news today, I experienced an unexpected Pavlovian response. Cadbury, maker of the exquisite Cadbury egg, rejected Kraft Foods' $16.7 billion bid. Not sweet enough, said Cadbury management. News of the snub sent Cadbury stock up by almost half to 783 pence per share, easily topping Kraft's bid of 745 pence per share.

Market watchers think the deal will happen and provide a carbo blast to the dragging mergers and acquisitions market. I'm feeling better already.

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David Hutchinson said...

I love macaroni and cheese. I love chocolate. But I am concerned the merged entity will find a way to combine those two products into a single thing that is somehow gross (see, e.g. hot dogs with pre-loaded cheese), and which will speed Americans along to our apparently inevitible rendezvous with diabetes (the new company might, for example, deep fry a portion of macaroni and cheese so that it has structural integrity and then dip it into quick-drying chocolate sauce).

Since that prospect will harm consumers, maybe there is an antitrust problem here.