Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Say Hello to David Gray

Red Lion Reports welcomes guest blogger David Gray. David's been an associate at the firm to see, Williams & Connolly He's clerked for Hon. Chester Straub, 2d Cir., and Hon. Charles S. Haight, Jr., S.D.N.Y. He earned his law degree at NYU in 2003 and a PhD from Northwestern in 2004. This summer he joins the faculty of the University of Maryland School of Law . (First up, Criminal Law.) Watch for David's newest article, Devilry, Complicity, and Greed: Transitional Justice and Odious Debt, forthcoming in Law & Contemporary Problems, and his own Transitional Justice Blog.
So David, what's so special about Transitional Justice?

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Alison M. Kilmartin said...

Welcome, David, it's nice to have a practitioner on board! I am at Jones Day in Pittsburgh this summer and am so far loving the practice of law. I look forward to reading your contributions.