Thursday, June 19, 2008

Break the Code

For once, I am not using the term "Code" to refer to the IRC.

The New York Times has been on a roll lately. I thought the articles that Zak mentioned in his post were great, but my wife (who also works here at Penn State but we are probably more than 15 feet apart most of the time) sent a link to a great story about an eccentric designer who incorporated an elaborate mystery in his redesign of a New York apartment. Be sure to check out the slideshow that is with the story.

As if being featured in the New York Times wasn't enough, JJ Abrams will make a movie about the whole thing.

I love these types of scavenger hunts/mystery things. When we were out in California, I participated in "The Go Game" which was lots of fun.

I have posted before about one of the advantages of being a new school (or at least a new location of an old school) is the ability to create traditions. I would love for the students to create a fun scavenger hunt/Amazing Race type event for law students and faculty that could become one of those types of annual events (cough, cough).

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Alison M. Kilmartin said...

JJ Abrams usually puts out pretty decent work, I look forward to his version of this quirky story.

As for a scavenger hunt at Penn State Law, don't even tempt me! My high school youth group did the most amazing hunt my sophomore year and I have been waiting ever since for a chance to have fun like that again :)