Saturday, June 21, 2008


The draws have been announced here: Gentlemen's and Ladies' (in proper British speak).

Because it's always bad to make predictions, here are some thoughts:

On the women's side, I think Ana Ivanovic is going to take it. With Justine Henin out of the picture, I think Ivanovic is going to settle into her number one ranking and start to dominate the field. Her victory at French Open will prove to be her coming out party. My prediction is that she'll beat Maria Sharapova in the final.

As for the men, here's my crazy idea: I think Rafeal Nadal is going to win the whole thing. And not only that, I think he's going to beat Novak Djokovic in the final. Yup, I don't think Federer is going to continue his winning streak on grass. I'm betting he loses to Djokovic in the semifinals, just like he did at the 2008 Australian Open. Nadal is playing amazing tennis right now--case in point, he simply wallopped Federer at the French Open. And although Federer has been unstoppable on grass, I just think that this is Nadal's year. Having said all that, I kind of hope Federer proves me wrong on this because I'd like to see him break Pete Sampras' Grand Slam record.

Any predictions?


Jeffrey H. Kahn said...

Hard to argue with the logic, but I am willing to make a wager if you are. I will buy you lunch of Nadal wins, you buy me lunch if Federer wins.

On the women's side, I hope Serena makes it to the semis, that could be a great match against Ivanovic if she is playing well.

One quick Wimbeldon story. When I was young, my father and I were planning a trip to England and we would be there during the tournament. My father called to see about buying tickets and they had semi-final seats available for purchase for 150 pounds each. My father remembered that it is London after all so he asked about what happens if it rains. The ticket agent was silent for a moment and then said, in typical English dry humor, "you can frame the tickets." We ended up attending the earlier rounds....

Zak Kramer said...

Deal. And Marie buys if someone else wins...

If she's playing her game, Serena can play with--and probably beat--just about anyone.

Alison M. Kilmartin said...

My call is Federer and Ivanovic . . . and I owe nobody lunch because I will be two hours away eating lunch for free on the firm ;) Good luck, gentlemen, may the best better win! And poor Red Lion, she doesn't even get a pick.